Support Us

Old Court Community Pre-School provides childcare services for children under five years. Whilst we receive early years education funding, this only covers the basic cost. We rely on support and generosity of companies, grant making trusts and members of the public, and are continuously seeking ways to diversify income and achieve sustainability and growth of future services.

Support can be through a variety of ways. There are opportunities for selection of local businesses wishing to support the local setting.
Individuals can support us by providing their time and resources.

Please join our preschool committee if you think you could help.

We hold an Easter fundraiser. The event normally raises over £1000! An amazing amount of money going straight to our Pre-School.

Parents and carers who support their child’s Pre-School as volunteers, particularly as committee members, are vital to its success. The Pre-School can not operate without the Committee. The committee is responsible for ensuring the provision runs safely, efficiently and legally. Committee members have an important role in managing the Pre-School, and ensuring it meets the needs of the children and parents/carers who use it.

By being a member of the committee you, as a parent/carer, are in an ideal position to help make this happen. There are a few restrictions, but generally, any parent or carer of a child who attends the Pre-School can offer to be on the committee.

Committees need members with a variety of skills and experience – everybody can contribute. Key skills include being enthusiastic and enjoying working as part of a team. Support and training are available.

If you are interested in joining the committee, talk to one of the current committee members – find out what it’s like being part of the team.

You will make a valuable contribution to your child’s Pre-School, and are sure to have fun and learn new skills as well!

The Committee

The Pre-School committee is elected each year. It must have at least five members including:

• a Chairperson
• a Treasurer
• a Secretary

The Chairperson – Susanne Matthews.

The Chairperson’s job covers four main areas:

  • He/she takes charge of committee meetings and open meetings – making sure that they are effective and that decisions are taken and carried out in a way that reflects the needs and wishes of the Pre-School members
  • He/she supports and authorises the work of the treasurer
  • He/she represents the Pre-School where necessary at public events and meetings of other organisations.

The Secretary – Kathryn Shepherd

The Secretary deals with all the official paperwork, except for keeping accounts. The work includes:-

  • Writing and receiving letters and keeping records of correspondence
  • Working with the Chairperson to arrange meetings and draw up an agenda
  • Keeping records of meetings.

The Treasurer – Adrian Heavens

The committee as a whole are responsible for making financial decisions, but the treasurer is the one who keeps the records of the organisation’s financial transactions. The Treasurer’s job covers three main areas:

  • Planning – e.g. preparing an income and expenditure budget
  • Day-to-day management of accounts, including issuing bills and receipts on behalf of the group, and making payments. Approving staff wages.
  • Reporting – keeping a record of money received and spent and presenting this information at committee meetings.

Other Committee Members

Jennifer Heavens, Child Protection Officer
Samantha Lear, Committee

Please email for further information.